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What Makes a Killer Backyard BBQ? 0

BBQ season is right around the corner. Here are some tips and tricks to make your backyard BBQ easy and fun for yourself and your guests.

4 Secrets for a Successful Backyard Clambake 0

Worried about hosting a backyard clambake? Check out these four secrets to a successful backyard clambake and kick the summer off on the right foot.

Winter Catering Ideas 0

Winter lends itself to unique and delicious food. For your next cold-weather event, check out these fun winter catering ideas.

Events Perfect for Fried Clam Catering 0

Need an excuse to have fried clam catering? These events are perfect for this New England tradition. Call Woodman’s today.

Catering and Food Safety 0

Learn about catering and food safety and how we can help ensure that your catered event is hot, fresh, and delicious.

Sizzling Summer Catering Ideas 0

Learn about the hottest New England catering trends this summer from popular seafood eatery Woodman’s of Essex.

Catering For Very Large Parties 0

Catering for very large parties at a wedding reception can be challenging for both the bride and groom and the caterer. If you plan on having a big wedding, keep these factors in mind for large party catering.

How to Dig Clams 0

John Maher with co-CEO of Woodman’s of Essex Steve Woodman talks about digging clams.

Timeline of a Catered Event 0

John Maher:  Hi. I’m John Maher. Today I’m here with Curt Fougere, a fourth generation Woodman, and Kristi Swett, a fifth generation Woodman. Today we’re talking about a timeline of a catered event. Curt and Kristi, welcome. Kristi Swett:  Hi, John. Curt Fougere:  How are you doing? Timeline of Catered Events John:  Good. Kristi, what’s […]

Catering Tips & Serving Styles 0

Catering an event or having an event catered can be complex with so many different styles of catering to choose from. Check out these easy and fun catering tips that will help you with your next event. John Maher:  Hi. I am John Maher. Today I am here with Curt Fougere, a fourth generation Woodman […]