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A New England Clambake: From the Essex River to YOUR Backyard 0

Woodman’s of Essex is not only a seafood restaurant; we are also a catering company!  You may come to Woodman’s for dining in Essex; however Essex dining can come to YOU.  Check out our diverse and mouthwatering catering menus.  We specialize in fresh lobster, locally harvested steamed clams and our award winning clam chowder.

We also do BBQ’s for the non-seafood lovers.  We will do anything you want, whether it is corporate catering, weddings or birthdays.  We are traditional New England Clambakes at your service.  We bring fresh seafood from the Essex River to your backyard and we even take the trash! Not only are we a gluten free restaurant, we are also a gluten free Catering Company.  Call us at 978-768-2559 to book your event today!

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