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[music] Katlyn Graham:  Hello! I’m Katlyn Graham, here with Steve Woodman, the co‑CEO and owner at Woodman’s. Welcome, Steve! Steve Woodman:  Thank you for having me. Katlyn:  Thanks for being here! We’re discussing barbecues, another type of event that Woodman’s handles. What is a barbecue, Steve, for people who may be unfamiliar? Steve:  Well, up […]

Making Steamers at Woodman’s 0

Steve Woodman:  The clams come mainly from the Essex River. First they soak the clams, prior to bagging them.  This helps get the sand out. Steve Woodman:  They’re steamed.  We just put a little bit of water in the bottom.  We put the clams in there, get it real hot, and have the steam come […]

New England Clambakes 0

[intro music] Katlyn Graham:  Hello, I’m Katlyn Graham, here with Steve Woodman, the Co‑CEO and Owner at Woodman’s. Welcome, Steve! Steve Woodman:  Glad to be here, Katlyn. Katlyn:  Thanks for joining us! Today we are discussing New England clambakes, an area of your expertise. You’ve been doing it for a hundred years now. [laughs] What […]

Choosing the Right Caterer 0

Podcast with Steve Woodman, the co‑CEO and owner of Woodman’s, about choosing the right caterer for a summer party.

Boost Morale With a Corporate Party 0

[music] Katlyn Graham:  Hello, I’m Katlyn Graham here with Maureen Woodman, the Director of Sales at Woodman’s. Today, we’re discussing how to boost morale at your company. These days, the economy is struggling. We’ve been going through some tough times. It’s really important to boost morale at your company. Maureen, what happened to corporate summer […]

How To Throw A Backyard BBQ Party 0

A backyard bbq is a staple of summer, and can be a great way to bring the family together to enjoy delicious food and excellent company. Here’s how to throw a successful backyard bbq for your next event. Katlyn Graham:  Hello, I’m Katlyn Graham, here with Maureen Woodman, the director of sales at Woodman’s. Today […]

Happy Memorial Day! 0

Of course, children are not the only ones susceptible to the allure Woodman’s has to offer.  Really, how could you go wrong?  Usually when I visit Woodman’s of Essex for dinner with my family, I am always overwhelmed by how so many choices I have!  More often than not I go with what has made […]

Lobster Leftovers from my New England Clambake 0

This was submitted from one of our summer customers… The other day, I had a traditional New England clambake catered by Woodman’s of Essex on a beach north of Boston, Massachusetts. I was left with six 1 ¼ pound freshly cooked lobsters because I ordered a twin lobster dinner for each of my guests and […]

A New England Clambake: From the Essex River to YOUR Backyard 0

Woodman’s of Essex is not only a seafood restaurant; we are also a catering company!  You may come to Woodman’s for dining in Essex; however Essex dining can come to YOU.  Check out our diverse and mouthwatering catering menus.  We specialize in fresh lobster, locally harvested steamed clams and our award winning clam chowder. We […]

Clambakes – we come to you and cook 0

We’ve been planning your event for over 100 years— all we need now is for you to choose the date! That’s right—our solid reputation of excellence spans over 100+ years and five generations. So when you choose Woodman’s to cater your event you receive more than great food and service—you get the peace of mind […]