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A Tale of Two Condiments 0

Woodman’s makes its own tartar sauce for our fresh seafood using three simple components: minced onion, dill relish, and a creamy “sauce” with a French name and Spanish origins. This preparation of olive oil, egg yolks, and vinegar was allegedly first concocted in the town of Mahón, Spain, in the 17th century, before being discovered […]

And All of Essex Mourned 0

A decade or so after Bessie’s passing, Chubby married Lucille Cook. “She was always with him,” says granddaughter Patti Woodman D’Alelio. “Once the Essex Lobster House had been sold, and he no longer had his own dock, Gramp moored The Sally at the town marina. In the winter he’d store it on a trailer in […]

Essex Causeway A.D. 2039 0

It would be fascinating to learn what a future reader makes of this time and place. Let’s say you’re reading this 25 years from now, in 2039. What will have changed? What will the Woodman’s menu look like? If you could communicate back in time, what would you tell us here in 2014? In the […]

A Brand New Season 0

The Red Sox, who had won five World Series titles in the 15 years between 1903 and 1918, appeared in only four World Series in the 82 years between Babe Ruth’s last pitching appearance in 1918 and the year 2000. Although each was a barnburner, the championship trophy steered clear of Boston. However, the annual […]

Let’s Take It from the Top 0

Rhonda Woodman recalls climbing to the roof of the Pool with Deck one day in the late ’70s. “I remember pointing out to him that with a view like this it would be a great place for some extra seating,” she says. “He didn’t say much, which was typical, but it wasn’t long before I […]

If These Old Walls Could Talk 0

Built by the Burnham family in the 19th century, the house that overlooks today’s parking lot from its own little hill was home to Ellis and his wife and sisters prior to Chubby and Bessie’s arrival. When they moved in, the Woodmans introduced a refreshing new element to the old place: children. Split into two […]

Rebooting the Family Business 0

Here’s a fine reminiscence, typical of the corporate culture that had been passed to the next generation: “There was a guy who’d had an impoverished childhood and years ago he worked at the Pool,” says a family friend. “One day someone saw him take money from the till and reported it. Deckie’s response was to […]

The Lobster Trap 0

  “Milkman.” “Troll.” “Shirl.” These were just a few of the nicknames, provided by Larry Woodman and his sidekicks, J. B. Amero and Dana Muise, of those who frequented the Trap, which is how locals referred to the once-legendary drinking establishment beneath The Essex Room. As Doug Woodman observed, after the Bunghole Lounge was closed, […]

The “Original” American Game 0

Since the first one was held in Bath, Maine, on July 4, 1849, the fire muster is considered to be this nation’s oldest team sport, and after its acquisition in 1880, Hand Pumper Number 2 (whose motto is “We Will Try”) has played many a starring role on behalf of the hometown team. With Essex […]

The Puzzle Masters 0

Considering the perishability of live seafood, ordering “product” at Woodman’s is a complex undertaking. First the restaurant and any number of clambakes require their specific allotments of clams, fresh lobsters, mussels, and other victuals, then there’s the Top Deck, The Essex Room, and other venues to consider. While responsibility for ordering most product is now […]