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100 Years of Recipes – Seafood Recipe Book 0

    Woodman’s is one of the best places in New England, and the country, to get fresh, delicious seafood. They’ve shared their secrets in a new seafood recipe book, called "100 Years of Recipes." Enjoy making Woodman’s signature seafood dishes for your own family. Katlyn Graham:  Hello. I am Katlyn Graham, here with Maureen […]

A Wedding Does More than Join 2 People. It joins families! 0

I know I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about Woodman’s of Essex, not in a bad way but not in the way that makes Google happy. I would argue that while I have spent much of my time talking about the Woodman’s as individuals who make up a family that makes […]

Mother’s Day Appreciation 0

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without Mothers? I mean besides the obvious ways. When you look at the world on a global scale, everything bad that happens in the world can usually be traced back to lack of a mother’s love and everything good that happens in the world is […]

Mother’s day and Memorial Day Weekend Plans with Woodman’s 0

As school is personally coming to its yearly end, I find myself, once again, excited and hopeful for the comforts of warm, relaxing summer months ahead.  As the seasons noticeably change around us here in New England, many families and people will begin to look forward to their summer plans in attempts to find relaxation […]

Family Is, As Family Does 0

I went to a fundraiser last Friday night for the Mr. and Mrs. L. Dexter Woodman Scholarship Fund. It was held at The Essex Room at Woodman’s. Woodman’s has been around for 100 years and the Essex Room (known also as the Function Hall, or the Hall, or out back) for nearly half that time. […]

Family Time with Woodman’s of Essex 0

As Easter weekend approaches, many people are hectically trying to organize their dining plans that can accommodate all of the family.  In fact, as recent history shows, Woodman’s of Essex has worked its way into many families’ dinner plans for Easter.  This Sunday, Woodman’s will be glad to serve all the families that come to […]

Ringing in the New Year with the Woodman Family 1

Southwest airline southwest airlines status Ever sit down to the table for a family dinner and look down at your plate and think, “Do I really have to eat this?”  While at the same time, your Uncle Pete has already shoveled down his second helping of the stuff?  The “stuff” is a long-established dish originating […]

Fried Clams Fund Rising Scholars 0

Lawrence Dexter Woodman was born on July 25th 1918 and was later married on the same day to Virginia Woodman in 1938.  Throughout his life, he was a man of small words and big actions. He grew up around acts of charity; it was in his blood, just like the sea clams and soft-shells.  Deck […]

The Legend Lives On 0

Lawrence Dexter Woodman-Son, Brother, Cousin, Husband, Father, Uncle, grand-father, great-grandfather, “Deck,” “Grampy” and so much more passed away on December 17th 1987.  He was a man of small words and big actions.  Grampy’s generosity is somewhat of a legacy today in the Woodman Family history books . Grampy’s parents were best described as, “Always wanting […]

Family Recipes Go Public 1

Hey all you foodies out there, ever been to Woodman’s of Essex?  Well if fried seafood is not for you, stay tuned.  As a way to celebrate our 100th anniversary we are digging through our drawers and closets in search of our most treasured family recipes.  Every month we are getting together to share these […]