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A New England Clambake and Scholarship Benefit at Bass Rocks 0

                                                                                                          A huge thank-you to all who helped make our 22nd annual Deck’s Day for Dubbers so successful. It was a great day all around, the sun was shining, we had 102 golfers and we finally had some new winners! Congratulations go out to Justin Roy, Andy & Rick Southgate and Nick Carleton who finished […]

Our Story 0

Woodman’s of Essex – A Yankee Tradition since 1914 . . . IT ALL BEGAN BACK IN 1914 when “Chubby” and Bessie Woodman opened their roadside clam shack on the causeway in Essex, MA.  At that time, the TV hadn’t been invented, the average yearly salary was $750, and a gallon of milk cost 32 […]

Woodman’s in the Rough – A Family Tradition 0

We thought it would a good idea to post chapters from the book written about our family’s restaurant to let you know how our past become our present and future.  Here is a excerpt about how Gramp (Chubby) started serving clambakes. Gramp was always coming up with ways of changing or improving the business.  The […]