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Saluting Fathers on Father’s Day 0

Last month I wrote a tribute to mother’s. It was Mother’s Day after all. It only seems fair that I devote a blog to fathers on this Father’s Day. I know it seems pretty redundant to talk about Fathers, Father’s Day AND Woodman’s but if you know the Woodman’s history, it is pretty easy to […]

A Woodman Wedding, Lobster Roll Madness, and learning the Trade; a Busy Start to June 0

This past week here at Woodman’s has been quite a memorable and exciting series of days.  Most notably, Vanessa Woodman, daughter of Doug and Maureen Woodman, and Franco Morales were married on a beautiful Friday afternoon.  Not only was it a great event to celebrate the love the couple obviously shares for one another, but […]

A Wedding Does More than Join 2 People. It joins families! 0

I know I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about Woodman’s of Essex, not in a bad way but not in the way that makes Google happy. I would argue that while I have spent much of my time talking about the Woodman’s as individuals who make up a family that makes […]

Happy Memorial Day! 0

Of course, children are not the only ones susceptible to the allure Woodman’s has to offer.  Really, how could you go wrong?  Usually when I visit Woodman’s of Essex for dinner with my family, I am always overwhelmed by how so many choices I have!  More often than not I go with what has made […]

Woodman’s Weekend Run-in with Pop Culture and the Media 0

The past weekend here at Woodman’s will certainly prove to be a memorable one.  From an awesome Mother’s Day weekend at Woodman’s to a great event in the Deck’s Day for Dubbers Charity Golf Tournament, everyone here at Woodman’s had their share of excitement and memories.  Firstly, Mother’s Day was an historic date for Woodman’s […]

Mother’s Day Appreciation 0

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without Mothers? I mean besides the obvious ways. When you look at the world on a global scale, everything bad that happens in the world can usually be traced back to lack of a mother’s love and everything good that happens in the world is […]

Mother’s day and Memorial Day Weekend Plans with Woodman’s 0

As school is personally coming to its yearly end, I find myself, once again, excited and hopeful for the comforts of warm, relaxing summer months ahead.  As the seasons noticeably change around us here in New England, many families and people will begin to look forward to their summer plans in attempts to find relaxation […]

Mother’s Day Dining, The Top Deck, and Graduation Parties 0

As we gratefully move forward from last week’s disaster and consequent mayhem, may we never forget those who rose to help, how we all came together, and those who we have lost.  At the same time, now is the best time for our community to begin to look ahead and continue to strive for happiness […]

Boston Community Outshines Any Acts of Terror 1

These particular blog entries have followed a similar theme over the past month; I have attempted to illustrate how in the coming seasons, loved ones, old and young, will come together and enjoy once again summer and an American tradition, Woodman’s of Essex.  “A Yankee Tradition since 1914”, it only seems appropriate then to refrain […]

Family Is, As Family Does 0

I went to a fundraiser last Friday night for the Mr. and Mrs. L. Dexter Woodman Scholarship Fund. It was held at The Essex Room at Woodman’s. Woodman’s has been around for 100 years and the Essex Room (known also as the Function Hall, or the Hall, or out back) for nearly half that time. […]