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Spring is in the Air 0

The warm weather and sun have certainly returned to the northeast, burning away the memories of a cold and snowy winter.  Everyone can feel it within themselves the day the weather really starts to turn.  Soon after, everything starts falling into place, early season sunburns, reading a book outside with a cold drink as your […]

Family Time with Woodman’s of Essex 0

As Easter weekend approaches, many people are hectically trying to organize their dining plans that can accommodate all of the family.  In fact, as recent history shows, Woodman’s of Essex has worked its way into many families’ dinner plans for Easter.  This Sunday, Woodman’s will be glad to serve all the families that come to […]

Boundless Choices at Woodman’s of Essex 0

As I escaped New England’s last wintry blizzard this past week to my metro Philadelphia college campus, I found more than a handful of people I encountered commenting on what I was wearing.  I had on my white long sleeve Woodman’s t-shirt.  On this short appears a navy blue clam on the front with the […]

Searching the WWW-Woodmans, Warm Weather and Wicked Awesome 0

It is hard, as March gets underway, not to think about warmer weather, going outside, eating great seafood and preparing for the summer. Last night, I went to bed feeling pretty good. When I drove home at 5:00 it was still light out. Ok, lighter than it was a month ago. My mind always goes […]

Woodman’s of Essex, the Essence of a New England Summer 1

As we spring forward this Sunday and hopefully will have faced our last bit of snow for the season, New Englanders hope to soon hear the familiar springtime chirps and songs of birds, see colorful blooming of flowers, and enjoy the beauties a New England springtime presents.  Of course, here in New England, many enjoy […]

Red Hat Ladies’ Trip to Woodman’s Clam Shack 0

Back in the 1950s my mother and father packed us all up in our red 1951 Pontiac and drive from our house in the Back Bay of Boston to a memorable outing up route 1 toward the North Shore of Boston. First, we went swimming and sunbathing in the Atlantic Ocean at Crane’s Beach, in Ipswich on a […]

New England Seafood Shack 0

The summer is in full swing here at Woodman’s and we wanted to keep you updated with what is going on in and around the property.  Besides serving up great food and Family Fun you can also expect a series of summer events and promotions that will get you moving! We are running a promotion […]

The “Sweetest Smile” Facebook Contest 0

Would you like to be eligible to win free “Funpacks” to Mel’s Funway Park for your entire family, or what about a free Woodman’s ice cream cone!?  Yes, that’s right Woodman’s has ice cream and we are giving it away! Submit your best ice cream-eating, sweet-smiling snapshot to our Facebook page and receive a coupon […]

Little Clamshack Makes Big Waves 0

In their time the Woodman family, longstanding clamshack owners and industry leaders, have encountered many friendly competitors in the marketplace invented by their predecessor, Lawrence “Chubby Woodman”.  However for over 97 years they have yet to find themselves in direct competition with one another, until now. In April of 2009, Woodman’s of Essex opened a […]

Viva Mexico! 0

Looking for something fun to do? Our Latin Nights Event starts this Thursday, come celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us all month long! We have so much going on this week with the  the ongoing Zumba classes that are taking place on Mondays and Tuesdays from 6-7pm in the Essex Room,the opening of the Retail […]