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The Essex Causeway-a la Mode 0

On Friday, May 6th at 4:30 the Woodman’s of Essex Ice Cream and Retail Shop will be opening our doors to another fun season of serving you the tastiest ice cream in Essex.  In fact we are the only ice cream shop on the Causeway and no, you don’t have to wait in the restaurant’s […]

I Scream at Woodman’s and Fried Clams Too! 0

Woodman’s of Essex is proud to announce that we will be opening our Litchfield restaurant for the season on Friday April 15, 2011 at 11:30 am.  As most of you know, it has been a long winter in New England.  However the snow has finally melted, the daffodils are peeking out and pretty soon you […]

Ringing in the New Year with the Woodman Family 1

Southwest airline southwest airlines status Ever sit down to the table for a family dinner and look down at your plate and think, “Do I really have to eat this?”  While at the same time, your Uncle Pete has already shoveled down his second helping of the stuff?  The “stuff” is a long-established dish originating […]

Clam Chowder and Networking on the North Shore 0

The North Shore Business Expo of 2011 was one of the busiest years yet!  We were able to connect and reconnect with some of our favorite local vendors and companies from all across the North Shore.  The Chowder give-away always makes us on of the most popular tables, and although we were rivaling with the […]

Fried Clams Fund Rising Scholars 0

Lawrence Dexter Woodman was born on July 25th 1918 and was later married on the same day to Virginia Woodman in 1938.  Throughout his life, he was a man of small words and big actions. He grew up around acts of charity; it was in his blood, just like the sea clams and soft-shells.  Deck […]

North Shore Holiday Toy Drive 0

The Holidays are here again, and with this time come the memories and anticipation of many heartfelt traditions.  As a family business we pride ourselves on the importance of such events like family meals, warm and cozy fires, good friends and gift giving.  Yet not everyone is fortunate enough to look forward to these seemingly […]

Who Has the Best Fried Clams in the World? Essex does! 1

Where is the best place to get fried clams?  Essex of course, that is according to Michael Symon and the Food Network. Recently Michael Symon and his foodie entourage came to Essex to film an episode of his new show at Woodman’s and Farnham’s.   The two restaurants will be featured in an episode of his […]

A New England Clambake and Scholarship Benefit at Bass Rocks 0

                                                                                                          A huge thank-you to all who helped make our 22nd annual Deck’s Day for Dubbers so successful. It was a great day all around, the sun was shining, we had 102 golfers and we finally had some new winners! Congratulations go out to Justin Roy, Andy & Rick Southgate and Nick Carleton who finished […]

Yog n’Flave Arrives to Woodman’s of Essex 0

Woodman’s Ice Cream is now serving Yog n’ Flave Frozen Yogurt in Essex!  Yog N’ Flave Frozen Yogurt is all natural, NON FAT and only 220 calories per serving! Rich, creamy and full of flavor, you will love its delicious taste.  Fruit and candies can be added in for the “non-calorie counting set”.  We have experimented with […]

Our Story 0

Woodman’s of Essex – A Yankee Tradition since 1914 . . . IT ALL BEGAN BACK IN 1914 when “Chubby” and Bessie Woodman opened their roadside clam shack on the causeway in Essex, MA.  At that time, the TV hadn’t been invented, the average yearly salary was $750, and a gallon of milk cost 32 […]