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Planning a North Shore, Kid-Friendly Staycation 0


Essex River Cruises and Charters

The North Shore is a fine destination for a kid-friendly staycation. If you’re looking for a place to take it easy with the whole family, then come by and enjoy the beautiful views and great eats that await you.

Essex River Cruises & Charters

Take the whole family on a relaxing adventure with Essex River Cruises & Charters.

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Catering and Food Safety 0

Food Safety

Catering is a great way to have delicious, fresh food at your next get-together or special event. By catering, you don’t have to worry about making the food, keeping it hot, and reducing the risk that bacteria or pathogens will make your guests ill. Before hiring a caterer, be certain that the food at your event is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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How to Throw a Beach Clambake 0

Beach Clambake
John Maher: Hi I’m John Maher. I’m here today with Maureen Woodman from Woodman’s of Essex, a restaurant and catering company in Essex, Massachusetts. Today we’re talking about how to throw a beach clambake. Welcome, Maureen.

Maureen Woodman: Hi John, thanks for having me today.

A New Spin on the Traditional Clambake

John: Sure.

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Sizzling Summer Catering Ideas 0

Summer CateringSummer’s here and the party’s on! Here are some sizzling summer catering ideas to make your next party a memorable success and how to save time when planning a special event with professional catering.

21+ Watermelon Punch

Now, this takes entertaining to a whole new level. Cut out the inside of the watermelon and puree it.

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Stations vs Buffet Catering – When and Why 0

Stations vs Buffet

Choosing what kind of food to serve at your special event and how to serve it is a big decision – the food is often what many people look forward to and the thing they remember most about an event. Here’s a comparison of stations versus buffet catering and how to choose which type of serving style best fits your needs.

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Having a Party at the Home of the Fried Clam 0

Having a Party

John: Hi, I’m John Maher. Today, I’m here with Maureen Woodman, from Woodman’s of Essex, a restaurant and catering company in Essex, Massachusetts. Today, we’re talking about having a party at the home of the Fried Clam. Welcome, Maureen.

Maureen: Hi, John. Thanks for having me.

Types of Parties Hosted at Woodman’s

John: Sure.

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Clambake Appetizers and Desserts 0

Clambake Appetizers

John Maher: Hi. I’m John Maher and I’m here today with Maureen Woodman from Woodman’s of Essex, a restaurant and catering company in Essex, Massachusetts. Today we’re talking about appetizers and desserts at your clambake. Welcome, Maureen.

Maureen Woodman: Hi John. Thanks for having me.

Main Courses and Sides at a New England Clambake

John: Sure.

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Spring Catering Ideas 0

Spring Catering Ideas

With spring arriving, it’s time to consider how caterers will shift from serving warm, comfort foods that are staples in colder weather to lighter fare that gives everyone a taste of this truly joyous season. Spring is the start of wedding and events season, and here are some unique, flavorful, and exciting ideas for catering in spring.

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How to Order Gluten-Free at a Restaurant 0

Gluten Free at a Restaurant

Gluten-free is a term you may hear thrown around frequently and it’s quite often associated with “fad diets” and ultra-health conscious eating. While gluten-free can be a part of simply eating well, it’s a necessary way of life for many people who are sensitive or downright allergic to wheat products. Since gluten is used in so many different things, it can be difficult to eat in a restaurant when living a gluten-free lifestyle.

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Woodman’s Customer Stories – Karen & Hannah 0

At Woodman’s, our customers are everything to us. And in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Fried Clam in 2016, we interviewed a few of our customers to learn about their memories of coming to Woodman’s. In this video, we spoke with Karen Burton and her daughter, Hannah, as they visited Woodman’s for the first time.

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