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Exploring the Delicacies of Seafood Catering 0

Seafood is notoriously difficult to prepare properly, especially when serving large groups of people. Here’s why you need a seafood expert for your next catering event.

Fresh Seafood Safety & Food Laws 0

John Maher:  Hi! I’m John Maher. Today, I’m here with Steve Woodman, co‑CEO of Woodman’s of Essex in Essex on the North shore of Massachusetts. Today, we’re talking about fresh seafood, food laws, and seafood safety. Welcome Steve. Steve Woodman:  Thank you for having me John. Is seafood safe to eat? John:  Sure. Steve, is […]

Types of Lobsters and How to Cook Them 0

John Maher with Steve Woodman discuss about types of lobster and how to cook them.

Seafood Ideas – What Pairs Best 0

Podcast with John Maher and Steve Woodman as they talk about what goes best with seafood.

A Tale of Two Condiments 0

Woodman’s makes its own tartar sauce for our fresh seafood using three simple components: minced onion, dill relish, and a creamy “sauce” with a French name and Spanish origins. This preparation of olive oil, egg yolks, and vinegar was allegedly first concocted in the town of Mahón, Spain, in the 17th century, before being discovered […]

Essex Causeway A.D. 2039 0

It would be fascinating to learn what a future reader makes of this time and place. Let’s say you’re reading this 25 years from now, in 2039. What will have changed? What will the Woodman’s menu look like? If you could communicate back in time, what would you tell us here in 2014? In the […]

The Puzzle Masters 0

Considering the perishability of live seafood, ordering “product” at Woodman’s is a complex undertaking. First the restaurant and any number of clambakes require their specific allotments of clams, fresh lobsters, mussels, and other victuals, then there’s the Top Deck, The Essex Room, and other venues to consider. While responsibility for ordering most product is now […]

How To Cook Lobsters, Clam Chowder, Fried Clams, and Clambakes from Woodman’s at Home 0

Katlyn Graham:  Hello! I’m Katlyn Graham.  Here with Bonnie Scatterday, the Shipping Manager at Woodman’s. Welcome Bonnie! Bonnie Scatterday:  Hello! Thank you for having me today. Katlyn:  Hello! Thanks for joining us to share your expertise. We’re discussing shipping seafood at Woodman’s, in particular the lobsters, clam chowder, fried clams, and even clambakes that Woodman’s […]

Get Your Favorite Woodman’s Seafood and Lobsters Shipped to Your Home 0

Katlyn Graham:  Hello. I’m Katlyn Graham, here with Bonnie Scatterday, the Shipping Manager at Woodman’s. Welcome, Bonnie. Bonnie Scatterday:  Hi. Katlyn:  Hi. Thanks for joining us today. We’re discussing Woodman’s shipping of seafood, which you are in‑charge of. Bonnie, when did Woodman’s start shipping seafood? Bonnie:  Woodman’s, basically, started shipping seafood when customers started calling […]

Clams 0

[music] Katlyn Graham:  Hello, I’m Katelyn Graham, here with Steve Woodman, the co‑CEO and Owner of Woodman’s. Welcome, Steve! Steve Woodman:  Hi, Katelyn. Katlyn:  Thanks for joining us today! We’re discussing clams, one of the top items on the menu at Woodman’s. Steve, where do you get all your clams? Steve:  The clams come, mainly, […]