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Searching the WWW-Woodmans, Warm Weather and Wicked Awesome 0

It is hard, as March gets underway, not to think about warmer weather, going outside, eating great seafood and preparing for the summer. Last night, I went to bed feeling pretty good. When I drove home at 5:00 it was still light out. Ok, lighter than it was a month ago. My mind always goes […]

Woodman’s of Essex, the Essence of a New England Summer 1

As we spring forward this Sunday and hopefully will have faced our last bit of snow for the season, New Englanders hope to soon hear the familiar springtime chirps and songs of birds, see colorful blooming of flowers, and enjoy the beauties a New England springtime presents.  Of course, here in New England, many enjoy […]

Shucking Lobster Like A Pro 0

Payday loans Have you ever been to a Woodman’s Clambake?  There isn’t anything better than a boiled lobster, some steamers and a clam chowder on a hot summer day, cooked for you fresh, in your own backyard.    Have you ever picked out your lobster in the front of our clam shack and had them […]

Lobster Leftovers from my New England Clambake 0

This was submitted from one of our summer customers… The other day, I had a traditional New England clambake catered by Woodman’s of Essex on a beach north of Boston, Massachusetts. I was left with six 1 ¼ pound freshly cooked lobsters because I ordered a twin lobster dinner for each of my guests and […]

New England Seafood Shack 0

The summer is in full swing here at Woodman’s and we wanted to keep you updated with what is going on in and around the property.  Besides serving up great food and Family Fun you can also expect a series of summer events and promotions that will get you moving! We are running a promotion […]

Fresh Live Lobster- Soft Shells and All! 0

Viagra cheap viagra order online Lobsters are among one of the most desired dishes on Earth.  However it was not until the mid 19th century that New Yorkers and Bostonians developed a taste for the unseemingly delicious crustacean.  Lobsters have always been an identifying marker in society, like caviar and champagne. However before the 19th […]

I Scream at Woodman’s and Fried Clams Too! 0

Woodman’s of Essex is proud to announce that we will be opening our Litchfield restaurant for the season on Friday April 15, 2011 at 11:30 am.  As most of you know, it has been a long winter in New England.  However the snow has finally melted, the daffodils are peeking out and pretty soon you […]

Clam Chowder and Networking on the North Shore 0

The North Shore Business Expo of 2011 was one of the busiest years yet!  We were able to connect and reconnect with some of our favorite local vendors and companies from all across the North Shore.  The Chowder give-away always makes us on of the most popular tables, and although we were rivaling with the […]

Woodman’s Clambakes Presents-The Fish Fry 0

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word Woodman’s? Some think lobster! While others obviously go for the fried clam.  Steamers, clam chowder, clamcakes and onion rings are not too far to follow. Mmm… now even I am getting hungry! But what about the classic fish and chips?  Nothing says […]

Who Has the Best Fried Clams in the World? Essex does! 1

Where is the best place to get fried clams?  Essex of course, that is according to Michael Symon and the Food Network. Recently Michael Symon and his foodie entourage came to Essex to film an episode of his new show at Woodman’s and Farnham’s.   The two restaurants will be featured in an episode of his […]