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Dexter and Gini Woodman Dexter & Gini Woodman never lost touch with their community and its young people. Both were known to be kind and generous individuals. When young people came to Dexter looking for jobs, he would make sure he found one for them. Woodman's became more like a home for many of the young men and women who worked here, and have gone on to succeed in various professional careers, carrying with them lessons learned from working at Woodman's and the man who gave them that first opportunity.

When former employees would return to Woodman's, they would be greeted by Dexter, who truly enjoyed hearing about their accomplishments since their time working at the restaurant. He loved nothing more than when they shared their memories of their working days at Woodman's.

Dexter Woodman passed away in 1987 and, since then, scholarships to assist young people to attend college are awarded to honor his legacy and memory. After Gini Woodman passed away in 2011, it seemed only fitting to include her name to celebrate their devotion to each other, their community, and helping young people succeed. In 2013, we celebrated 25 years of giving with the awarding of the newly named Mr. & Mrs. L. Dexter Woodman Scholarship Fund.

Since inception, $701,500 in scholarships has been awarded to 126 local students through the following organizations:

  • Manchester Essex Regional high school graduating high school seniors - (applications will be available in the guidance office in February, 2017)
  • Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce
  • Essex Lions Club
  • Massachusetts Restaurant Association
  • Campbell High School, Litchfield, NH
  • Woodman's Restaurant - two employees
  • Supporter of 25 North Shore Chamber of Commerce Honors Scholars
  • Sponsorship of Prep at Pingree
  • by mail to:

    Mr. & Mrs. L. Dexter Woodman Scholarship Fund
    P.O. Box 81
    Essex, MA 01929

    ...or by PayPal using the button below

    A complete list of current annual appeal donations and "in memory of" donations can also be found on the scholarship website.


    • Eileen Buckley
    • Alice Carroll
    • Brad McGowan
    • Michelle Parady
    • Heather Partridge
    • Robert Cohen
    • Corey Jackson
    • Mandi Symonds
    • Shane Gauthier
    • George Mullan
    • Mindy Zaniboni
    • Micah Nyatsambo
    • Margaret Fucillo
    • Aaron Nowicki
    • Mary O'Donoghue
    • Heather Kazuba
    • Jane Swanson
    • Hillary Oak
    • Theresa Fitzgerald
    • Amanda French
    • Seann Tulloch
    • Lance Brisbois
    • Kate Lufkin
    • Daniel Fialho
    • Lindsay Harnden
    • Rebecca DeAngelis
    • Carrie Erwin
    • Walter Mears
    • Catherine Rogers
    • Caitlin Lombardi
    • Danielle Burnham
    • Kimberly Rauch
    • Samantha Ball
    • Karlton Osborn
    • Paula Bora Nam
    • Laura Elena Wilwerth
    • Jeffrey Gang
    • Christopher Gang
    • Marissa Neal
    • Ryan Swansey
    • Matthew Doe
    • Daniel Vickery
    • Dominic Olivio
    • Douglas Filosa
    • Christopher Jordan
    • Jonathan McCarron
    • Maryellen Kwasie
    • Matthew Orlando
    • Janelle Dineen
    • David Landry

    • Jamie L. Malatzky
    • Megan Dubeau
    • Christopher Grant
    • Scott Forsythe
    • Tracee Skidmore
    • Makayla Gagne
    • Molly Osborne
    • Tasha A. Frank
    • Daniel Aloisio
    • William Norris
    • Erik Walder
    • Dan Ball
    • Anne Osborne
    • Caroline Martin
    • Alexander Trotsky
    • Luke Paddock Elder
    • Joshua Horman
    • Colin Toner
    • Samuel Weinstein
    • Greg Neff
    • Justine Kane
    • Celeb R. Pearce
    • Ruby Allen
    • Maximo V. Millefoglie
    • Kaley Letendre
    • Greg Neff
    • Christopher Peritore
    • Jessica Jean Appletofft
    • Piper E. Browne
    • Adam Richard Philpott
    • Rebecca Lynch
    • Michael McCollum
    • Christine Walder
    • Jonathan DeSoto
    • Margaret Tarr
    • Gabrielle DeMarco
    • Jared Lopez Larrasco
    • Shauna M. Rice
    • Ellen Burgess
    • Samantha Nieberle
    • Adrian Frattini
    • Anya Ciarametaro
    • Paul Penoyer
    • D. Conor Sullivan
    • Roisin Gedeon
    • Jessica Belzil
    • Kyle Cummings
    • Alexa Worthington
    • Calvin Lamothe
    • Kelsi Field

    • Christopher Xavier
    • Carolyn Heslop
    • Taylor Ketchum
    • Christopher Wright
    • Nathan Richards
    • Erik Burke
    • Erin King
    • Sabrina Mirabella
    • Sarah Carpenter
    • Alyssa Shepard
    • Neil Henry
    • Nicholas Bannister
    • Emily DeBaker
    • Sean Jeffreys
    • Kristian True
    • Troy Ciarametaro
    • Breanna Arnold
    • Katie Glidden
    • Henry Freeman
    • Gabrielle Martin
    • Jack Gourdeau
    • Jacob Tognazzi
    • Kara Hersey
    • Caisi Calandra
    • Michael Viarella
    • Thomas Viarella
    • Tatum Corrente
    • Abagail Martin

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