Host a Beach Party

Summer is here, and it’s time to start planning the perfect sizzling beach party. Gather your friends, gather your drinks, and pack an ice-cold cooler. To ensure your beach party is the hottest ticket in town, check out these 5 ways to prepare for and cater an amazing beach bash.

Spice it Up

Spicy foods are a great complement to hot beach weather. Stock your cooler with a few varieties of spicy salsa, ranging from mild to hot, and bring a few bags of chips to satisfy any beach party snack craving. Also, remember that no beach party is complete without some seafood. Try some spicy BBQ shrimp to offer a different flair on a party favorite.

Decorate Your Space

If you’re planning a beach party that’s above and beyond a regular beach hang-out with friends, you’ll need to offer some seating options for your guests. Start with some colorful blankets laid down on the sand and top it with an inexpensive folding table. Not only will the table hold down the blanket, it’ll also hold up your food spread. Choose some vibrant colors to make your section of the beach the envy of all the rest.

Fire Up the Grill

Keep it simple when grilling on the beach – and note that you should also make sure grilling is allowed on your local beach before you light it up. Pack some burgers and hot dogs to keep the grilling simple or have the meat catered to take the worry of watching a grill off of your shoulders.

Don’t Get Burned

Keep safety in mind during your beach party. Offer guests sunscreen (because you know someone will forget) and provide big pop-up umbrellas for some shade. While beer is a perfect beach drink, don’t forget to stock your coolers with water. Hydration is key, especially when you’re sweating in the sun all day. A fun way to hydrate is with fruit; create a fruit salad spread or cut up some fruit kebabs as an easy way to eat while standing on sand.

Start a Fire

An intentional bonfire, that is. As the sun sets, you can keep the heat going with a bonfire. Gather up some wood, dig a pit, and gather around with a few more drinks and some s’mores to roast over the flames. Watch the sunset while gathered around with your best friends and family to make this a night to remember. Again, check with your local beach authorities to see if you need a permit or other authorization for a bonfire.

Beach parties let you stretch out the fun throughout the day and into the night. A party on the beach is one of the most relaxing events you will attend all summer! By preparing plenty of food, drinks, seating, and fun, you’ll be able to entertain your guests for hours.

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