Billing and Shipping Addresses Explained

If your shipping address is in any way different from your billing address (for example, your billing address is a PO Box, to which we cannot ship), you must enter your Billing Address on the My Account Page.

Ship to Yourself at a Different Address

If you want to place an order to be shipped to you, but at a different address than appears on your credit card statement, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click on My Private Guest List and add yourself as a new guest. Be sure to enter your SHIPPING address for this guest. It is also a good idea to give this guest a nickname, for example “My Home”. (See Private Guest List for more info).
  2. Select an item to be shipped to the guest you added in Step 1 . You will see that guest’s nickname (for example, “My Home”) in the list of choices when you click on the “Add to Order” button below an item.
  3. Check Out.

PO Boxes

We cannot ship to a PO Box, which is why we do not allow PO Boxes to be entered on the Guest Information page.

However, if the billing address on your credit card is a PO Box, you need to enter that address on the My Account page and then enter yourself as a guest as explained above.

More Help

If you have any questions about the information we are collecting please call 800-649-1773 (Toll Free within USA) or +1 978-768-6057 (outside USA) Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time. Or you can click here to send us an email.