New England Clambakes – Custom Menus Available for any Event!

New England Clambake Catering at its Finest

Woodman’s has been a family tradition since 1914, serving generations of people from New England and beyond. Our experienced clambake crew takes pride in offering the best seafood in New England! Our catering crew will be sure to make your day as easy as pie.

How We Cook Your New England Clambake

The original “Indian Clambake” that our great great grandfather Roberts catered required a beach and a day—digging a hole, heating the rocks, and waiting hours to cook. Our grandfather, his son-in-law “Chubby” Woodman looked for a better way – and so created a more efficient method to cook a clambake which allowed him to boast, “We come to you and cook.”

No longer did people need to find a beach to experience the pleasures of a New England clambake – he could deliver the experience right to their door. Loading everything onto a truck he drove to his customer’s site where he cooked the clambake over a wood fire in large, specially designed “boiler pots”.

His new clambake system gave him the flexibility to travel throughout New England serving groups of all sizes at the client’s location. From parks to parking lots he “drove to them and cooked” – enabling many more people to experience a New England clambake. Today fire regulations demand a switch from a wood fire to propane, yet the same great experience holds true – we come to you – wherever you are. We boast the ability to cook your meal and have it piping hot in a little over an hour!

New England Clambake Menus

A Woodman’s clambake always starts off with our creamy, award-winning clam chowder. Then we follow it up with steamed clams with broth and hot drawn butter, fresh lobsters, tender steak tips, chicken or pork ribs, sweet corn on the cob and watermelon.

Discover which clambake menu tempts you:

We also offer Custom Clambake Menus! Call us at 978-768-2559 for special pricing on parties of 1-34 or 400+.

Clam-Frying and Chowder Kits Shipped to You

Wish you could sit at a table at Woodman’s in person, but you live in California? We understand your craving for Woodman’s, and we’ve come up with a solution for those homesick for a taste of New England. We’ll ship all the ingredients for your own fried clams and chowder!