Customer Reviews of the Restaurant

Since 1914, Woodman’s of Essex has been honored for our award-winning Massachusetts clam chowder, fresh seafood and fried clams. We take pride in being consistently named one of the best seafood places in Massachusetts and the U.S., being voted as having the best clam chowder and fried clams. We continue to work hard to make sure you walk away happy.

Check out our independent customer restaurant reviews to see what keeps locals and visitors coming back.

“Honestly, my favorite restaurant really is Woodman’s. I have Celiac Disease and must eat 100% gluten free. Woodman’s is one of the only restaurants I feel safe eating at! Plus, it is delicious!”

Rachel Riley

“Woodman’s holds a special place for me. I am the only one in my family to move away from the area. Every time I flew back from wherever we were stationed, I would go to woodman’s. My husband is now retired from the military and I still fly back for a great family time and good food. I have introduced my kids and granddaughter to Woodman’s. I have carried Woodman’s bumper stickers from Massachusetts to California to Italy and back.”


“As always it was amazing. I have been going to Woodman’s since I was an infant and it is amazing watching my 4-year-old eat all my fried shrimp! Thank you to everyone hard at work!”


“I highly recommend!!! We used to live in Beverly, and would go to Woodman’s of Essex as often as we could. Then we moved to KANSAS, and getting yummy Woodman’s, we thought, was no longer possible. Then I saw the order-by-mail option and ordered the Fried Clam Kit for my husband for Christmas. It was DELICIOUS! Came next day air, and was packed meticulously with ice packs, and all the necessary directions. I am doing it again… next time we have the funds to do so!! yea Woodman’s!”


“I went out to Woodman’s of Essex today – breaking quarantine in my most significant way since the very beginning of March… a young woman in a mask came out with my box of food (with plastic-wrapped utensils and sealed condiments) all ready to go… Had a marvelous time in the sun with terrific seafood, quiet, views, and great social distancing.

Thank you! I felt terror-free for the first time in months.”


“Woodman’s has been a staple for my family. As locals, it is ‘our’ restaurant being one of the only safe places I can eat at (gluten free). We have always found the staff to be helpful and usually very friendly. Food is always amazing, and I appreciate the effort everyone in that hot kitchen must put in!”


“Nothing says summer in New England like the fried seafood here! Of course, the clams are their showstopper, but everything is delicious. In the pandemic time they are doing a great job with their social distanced setup so you can still have the full experience but 6ft away from everyone else! Awesome place.”


“What makes Woodman’s of Essex so very special is the people! Do not get me wrong- the clams are awesome too… But the family of workers that have been there forever- that is what really drives the experience!
Support our local businesses first!”


“The people here are always amazing. Upbeat, polite, and so friendly. Their Covid takeout system is on point. The line moved quickly and efficiently. Food was making as always”


“I had heard you had GF chowder, but I live in central MA, so I never went the distance to try. I was astounded to find ALL your food is GF so I got a fish & chip meal and chowder to take home for my son. The meal was huge and wonderful; I have not had french fries since 2010 so it was a delightful treat. I had the 2nd half of the bounteous helping for dinner today. Your staff has the COVID 19 behaviors down pat and were all upbeat, cheerful, and absolutely a pleasure to speak to. Thank you for a wonderful 10/10 experience. I will be singing your praises all over social media and real life.”


“Amazing seafood! Always super fresh and delicious!! Woodman’s is our favorite place to visit in the Summer. Special thanks to the staff for having outstanding customer service and ensuring a safe and fun environment. Highly recommended to visit if you’re in the area. If you don’t live in the area (like me) it’s well worth the drive.”

Dan Hanan

“So many memories if a great meal at Woodman’s with my family after a day at the beach. Now anytime I am in Massachusetts I must stop at Woodman’s. Love your clams and onion rings and so grateful they are gluten free.”