Every year, Easter takes place on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, and in 2019, the holiday falls on Sunday April 21, 2019. This is relatively late for Easter compared to many other years, but that also means that spring will be in full swing for your Easter party. Looking for menu ideas and catering possibilities? Keep reading.

Classic Easter Fare

Want to treat your family and friends to a classic Easter dinner? Then, you may want to serve a baked ham with cheesy scalloped potatoes, honey-glazed carrots, and other comforting side dishes. While adults are chatting and children are searching for eggs, consider putting out iconic Easter appetizers such as deviled eggs or hard cheeses with fresh dinner rolls. Near the end of the festivities, indulge your sweet tooth with ice cream sundaes or mixed berry shortcakes.

Formal Easter Dinner

If you prefer a more formal approach to Easter dinner, you may want to serve shrimp starters, a lamb roast, bacon and blue cheese salads, and of course, lots of comforting vegetable side dishes, creamy potatoes, and fluffy fresh baked rolls. After dinner, consider serving a light sherbet or a shortcake with hand whipped cream.

Easter With Style

Put a classic French spin on your Easter Sunday and consider planning a menu full of upscale, stylish fare. You may want to start with an asparagus and cheese tart or a pea and asparagus soup. In either case, make sure to include fresh vegetables and lots of greens into your menu. Then, move onto a leg of lamb with mint salsa verde and all kinds of delicious family-style side dishes.

Alternatively, if you prefer to hold a brunch, you can also still embrace continental style. A goat cheese and leek quiche or mini artichoke cakes with remoulade are just a couple ideas to get you started. Then, add a bit of sweetness with Citrus Zabaglione with fresh berries and French macarons for dessert.

Garden Tea and Easter Egg Hunt

Serving “tea” is the perfect option if you want to have an open house style celebration, paired with an Easter egg hunt. For this type of event, you want to focus on small bite sized starters that can be placed out and enjoyed at your guests’ leisure. Depending on your unique taste and your guests’ expectations, you may want to serve summer bruschetta, antipasto displayed on skewers, smoked salmon on rice cracked with capers, stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, grilled vegetables, or countless other options.

Spring Clambake

The late Easter date is the perfect invitation to plan a clambake, and the first clambake of the season is always a joyous occasion. Surrounded by the heat of grills and the sweet scent of steaming lobster, you get to shed the cold winter and embrace the warmth of summer. Consider serving clam chowder, steamed clams, mussels, hot boiled lobster, and all the sides such as sweet corn on the cob, corn bread, tasty coleslaw, and when your guests feel like they can’t handle another bite, bring on the homemade desserts.

Greek Inspired Easter

Whether you celebrate Easter on April 22nd or a week later in accordance with the Greek Orthodox calendar, you may want to explore a Greek inspired theme for your Easter party. You can complement your favorite fare with a tomato, cucumber, and feta salad, or you can build an entire menu around this concept and serve feta spread with pita chips followed by roasted lamb, Boston butt, potatoes, and vegetables featuring Mediterranean style flavors.

Sunday Picnic

Sundays are the best day for picnics, and you may want to turn your Easter celebration into a picnic. Dive into fried clams, lobster rolls, and chicken salads. Then, snack on some homemade potato chips or pickles, and finally enjoy your favorite desserts. With a picnic style event, you can invite everyone to bring their own blankets and spread out on the grass, you can rent a picnic shelter with tables, or you can work with a caterer to bring all the tables and chairs you need.

Want more Easter catering ideas? Trying to plan a different type of springtime event? Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering for friends and family, a big wedding, a corporate event, or countless other types of meals, let Woodman’s take care of the food.

We have been a family tradition since 1914, and we are widely known for our fried clams as well as our exceptional food and service. Check out our catering menus or contact us today to customize the perfect menu for your next event.

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