Catered barbecues at Woodman's


Katlyn Graham:  Hello! I’m Katlyn Graham, here with Steve Woodman, the co‑CEO and owner at Woodman’s. Welcome, Steve!

Steve Woodman:  Thank you for having me.

Katlyn:  Thanks for being here! We’re discussing barbecues, another type of event that Woodman’s handles. What is a barbecue, Steve, for people who may be unfamiliar?

Steve:  Well, up here in New England when I think of a barbecue I think mainly of meat. [laughs]

Katlyn:  There you go. [laughs]

Steve:  You have your ribs; you have your chicken; you have your steak. Those are some of the main ingredients of a barbecue. Of course, all the fixings that go with it, whether it’s potato salad or coleslaw, corn on the cob, and of course the different barbecue sauces that you may want on your meet and everything else. When you think of barbecue, you think of grilling meat.

Katlyn:  I see. What do I need to host a barbecue? I need to call Woodman’s first? [laughs]

Steve:  That’s right. Call Woodman’s, and we’ll take care of everything for you. You invite your guests. We can come to your home; we can come to your business; we can come to a place that’s maybe on a lake or at a beach, wherever you can go and have it. We can bring that to you and do whatever you want, whether it’s slow‑roasted baby back ribs that we can bring to you or any type of pulled pork or something to that effect. We can bring it to you, and you can enjoy a barbecue. Or, if you want, we can mix a barbecue and a clambake together, and have seafood and barbecue together. A lot of people like that.

Katlyn:  I bet. Some people do say, “I want a clambake and a barbecue.”

Steve:  That’s right.

Katlyn:  Very cool. You mentioned a grill. Is that how most of the items at the barbecue are cooked, on the grill?

Steve:  That’s right. We bring charcoal grills, and we actually use charcoal. We do it there on‑site with the charcoal. Just think of the great flavor with the charcoal and doing the grilling, and so forth. That’s how we do it and prepare it for you.

Katlyn:  Nice! I see. The difference between clambake and a barbecue would be clambake has seafood?

Steve:  That’s right. You think clambake, and it’s these steamers, lobster, clam chowder, and the fixings that go along with it. With barbecue, you have few meats. There’s always someone that’s not a seafood lover or not a meat lover, so if you can mix the two, you can make everyone in your party happy.

Katlyn:  There you go. Now, you had mentioned before pulled pork barbecue. That sounds like a slightly different process.

Steve:  That’s a different process. That’s going to be really slow roasted for a long time. We’ll prepare that stuff back at the restaurant in a nice slow manner that you cook the pork. The same thing with the baby back ribs. That’s something that you’ve got to roast, and you’ve got to cook those for a long time.

We normally cook those for at least 10 hours before going on‑site, and we finish them off on the grill.

Katlyn:  Wow! So, you’re starting early in the morning with those ribs.

Steve:  That’s right.

Katlyn:  Wow! Anything else about barbeques that you want people to know?

Steve:  Barbeques, they’re fun, They’re great to have. Give us a call and set one up!

Katlyn:  You’ll bring the meat!

Steve:  That’s right.

Katlyn:  [laughs] OK. Well, thank you so much, Steve, for explaining all this! You’re making me feel hungry.


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