Clambake catering options from Woodman’s.

Clambakes are a unique way to bring everyone together over a meal. Guests can enjoy the flavors of the sea alongside favorites such as corn, mussels, potatoes, and of course, lots of butter. The following catering tips will show you how to enjoy a favorite New England tradition without spending a fortune.

What to Expect

Serving a clambake as your main course is a great way to host a memorable small event. Most clambakes feed up to 15 guests. Consider limiting your guest list to cut back on costs. At Woodman’s of Essex, we offer a variety of clambake options so you can customize your spread to your liking! You’ll find options that include the following:

  • All-American Clambake
  • Gramp’s Ultimate Clambake
  • New England Wedding Clambake

These catered clambakes are great for small crowds or large parties. We even offer gluten-free options and customization so you can get precisely what you need for your event.

Clambake catering on a budget in Essex, MA.Clambake Catering for Small Parties

The nature of the New England clam bake has grown to be a more accessible option for small parties and events. Clambakes used to require access to a beach and plenty of time for food preparation. Now you can have your event catered and enjoy the delicious flavors you love without all the hassle.

A clambake gives your guests the chance to enjoy lobster, mussels, and other favorite seafood options at a reasonable price. They’ll also love the unique experience that a clambake offers.

Enjoy clambakes on a budget by ordering online.DIY Clambakes

A fantastic way to save on your event is to purchase a do-it-yourself kit. Clambakes used to be limited to the New England region of the United States. With a kit ordered to your home, you can enjoy the tastes you love anywhere in the country.

If you’re looking for a way to make memories with your family during the holiday season, skip the turkey and order a lobster clambake kit! Contact us to learn more.

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