Fried Clam Catering

What’s the best time to have some scrumptious fried clam catering? Is it a birthday, anniversary, or work party?

That was a trick question! The truth is that anytime is a good time to enjoy some delicious fried clams. Whether it’s a graduation, first communion, or farewell party, any event is best enjoyed with all your favorite people and the best of New England fare. After all, big crowds are easy to please when you have delicious, mouth-watering fried clams to satisfy them.

Catering packages save you time and energy when there’s already enough planning to do. Woodman’s of Essex will deliver and serve the best local food right where you need it, when you need it. There are dozens of packages to choose from, including our tantalizing clambakes, barbecue, and fresh seafood meals.


Birthdays can sometimes catch us off guard, so planning a large meal for an upcoming party can be stressful. Instead, get catering to feed your ravenous guests while you sit back and relax. After all, you have gifts to account for, guests to greet, and a birthday person to shower with love. Make the day easy and fun when someone else does the cooking, brings it to you, and takes care of the serving!


Memorable events like weddings are made even better when they’re paired with good food. You’ve done so much planning to get to this day, so why not get professional catering to handle the setup, serving, and take down of the food? You’ll be at ease that the meal is out-of-this-world delicious, kept at the right temperature, and cleaned up promptly so you don’t have to deal with any mess.


True love is made sweeter when shared over a meal. Though you may prefer to have a private dinner, some anniversaries call for bigger events. Silver, gold, and vow renewal anniversaries are occasions to be celebrated with the whole family. Throwing a party with full-service catering, packed with delicious entrées like melt-in-your-mouth-yet-crispy fried clams, hot onion rings, clam chowder, lobster rolls, and more will make this an anniversary to repeat.

Corporate Events

Corporate dinners and team building events call for feeding the masses. It’s likely that your office isn’t equipped with a kitchen that can feed your entire staff. Instead of booking dozens of tables at a restaurant, get catering to take the meal directly to your office. We can also go on-site at any team building event that you’re holding and serve you any of our amazing catering packages.

Woodman’s Fried Clam Catering

Woodman’s of Essex can cater any event big or small. We also have everything you need to throw an impressive and delicious party. Make your next event unforgettable and easy when you order award-winning catering from the professionals at Woodman’s. If you have any questions, please contact us. We’ll be happy to tell you everything you need to know about ordering fresh catering for your next event.

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