More and more people are embracing gluten-free lifestyles. Some need to take this route for health reasons, and others prefer how gluten-free eating makes them feel. Planning a gluten-free event? Check out the following gluten-free catering ideas.

Start with Naturally Gluten-Free Foods

One of the best ways to make a menu gluten free is to fill it with foods that are naturally gluten free. Meats, vegetables, and some starches such as rice and potatoes are ideal. For a gluten-free taste of the sea, try sea scallops, jumbo shrimp, and clams. If you want to offer some surf and turf, mix some grilled chicken or even a steak burger into your menu.

Opt for Gluten-Free Substitutes

clamplateThe good news is that you don’t just have to go with foods that are naturally gluten free. There are a wide range of foods that are traditionally made with gluten that can easily be made without it. For instance, you don’t have to give up the fried clams or calamari. You just need to find a catering company that can make those treats without using gluten-based breading.

Choose a Caterer Who Knows How to Be Gluten Free

If you truly want your event to be gluten free, you need a caterer who understands how to do that safely and effectively. Unfortunately, many caterers simply aren’t aware of the risk of cross contamination. They may use the same cutting board for something that has gluten and something that is supposed to be gluten-free. Without thinking about it, they may take a ladle from a soup that contains gluten and use it to stir a gluten-free clam chowder. Small mistakes like that can spell disaster.

When you choose Woodman’s to be your gluten-free caterer, you don’t have to worry about cross contamination. We are experienced in serving gluten-free clients, and we know the risks of cross contamination. We always use separate utensils and thoroughly clean all surfaces so that no gluten ever gets into your gluten-free meals.

Label Gluten-Free Foods

In some cases, you may only want some of the foods at your event to be gluten-free. To ensure your guests know what to expect, make sure that you clearly label all the foods. You should label whether or not foods have gluten, but on top of that, you may also want to point out other common allergens such as eggs and dairy.

Ready to start planning your event? Then, contact us at Woodman’s catering today. We specialize in gluten-free catering, and we believe that being gluten-free shouldn’t mean sacrificing your favorite foods. We can make all the fried delights you like, with none of the gluten, plus a lot more. Contact us at (978) 768-2559 to plan your gluten-free event today.

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