The Holidays are here again, and with this time come the memories and anticipation of many heartfelt traditions.  As a family business we pride ourselves on the importance of such events like family meals, warm and cozy fires, good friends and gift giving.  Yet not everyone is fortunate enough to look forward to these seemingly typical holiday pastimes.  Many, in fact, will not even sit down to a meal with friends and family or give a gift. Not because they don’t want too, but because they can’t.

 Cold Lobster tennis man

 It is for these reasons that we have joined up with Action’s Project Uplift and their Annual Toy Drive.   Every year Woodman’s hosts the North Shore Radio Station 104.9 and Senator Bruce Tarr, as they travel “aboard” the US Coast Guard Boat from one toy drop location to the next, encouraging North Shore residents to give back to their community members in need. 

 This year, Woodman’s Restaurant will be hosting Senator Bruce Tarr, Santa and 104.9 on Thursday, December 9th from 1:15 to 1:45pm while they collect your generous donations of unwrapped toys.  The event will kick off at 11am with free chowder and holiday music with DJ Pajarillo Mexica. If you can’t make it to the celebration, we are accepting donations for this wonderful cause until December 17th!  We invite you to join us in the Holiday Spirit, and let our family tradition, become a part of yours.

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