Would you like to be eligible to win free “Funpacks” to Mel’s Funway Park for your entire family, or what about a free Woodman’s ice cream cone!?  Yes, that’s right Woodman’s has ice cream and we are giving it away! Submit your best ice cream-eating, sweet-smiling snapshot to our Facebook page and receive a coupon for a free, single-scoop cone!

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But that’s not all, get your friends to “like” your photo on our Facebook Wall and become eligible to win a free family “Funpack” to  Mel’s Funway Park in Litchfield, NH.

 Each person is allowed to submit one photo and in return will receive one coupon for a single-scoop ice cream cone.  Upon submission, Woodman’s reserves the right to use your photos in the future.  The ice cream coupons are redeemable in either one of our Woodman’s locations, so make sure you have got your sweetest smile on if you’re in it to win it. 

In addition to submitting your photo on Facebook, to obtain your free cone coupon please email your mailing address to woodmanshomeofthefriedclam@gmail.com 


 The “Sweetest Smile” contest is running through the Litchfield and Essex Woodman’s Facebook pages.  The photo with the most “likes” will be deemed the winner on June 13th at 5pm! Additionally, if you take your photo while visiting Woodman’s and it is identifiably shot at one of our locations, you will receive five extra bonus “likes” towards the grand prize!  So invite your friends, your family, and their friends and family to vote for YOU in the Woodman’s “Sweetest Smile” Facebook contest!

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Each “Funpack” includes one go kart ride, one round of mini golf, a small bucket of balls at the driving range, one game of laser tag, one game of laser maze and six batting cage tokens.  They are valued at $25 dollars per pass and we are giving you “Funpacks” for up to 6 family members! These passes are only good for services at Mel’s Funway Park and cannot be redeemed for their cash value.  

So get going and eat up some ice cream before this delicious opportunity passes you by!

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