At Woodman’s, our customers are everything to us. And in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Fried Clam in 2016, we interviewed a few of our customers to learn about their memories of coming to Woodman’s. In this video, we spoke with Barbara Morrissey of Burlington.

I’m Barbara Morrissey and I’m Bonnie’s mother. I’ve been coming here long before she was born, when I first moved into Burlington. We thoroughly enjoy everything we get here. I always make sure if I have company from out of state, this is one of the places I bring them, and they always say, “We’re coming back, and you’re going to have to take us to…”, they don’t remember the name but I know where they want to go. It’s true, it’s just the greatest, and it’s a nice place to bring people when they come from out of state, because I don’t have to cook that night, because they get so full in here they don’t need to have anything else but a cup of coffee and some chips or something.

I got to say, it’s been wonderful. My husband now is too sick to come, but we make sure we get up here as often as we can. Especially in the winter when it’s not so crowded, it’s a pleasure. It’s tough in the summer, standing in line out there, for an old lady, but she does it usually, and my dog waits patiently. They know when we’re coming in here that they going to get something good, and they’re all excited. This is the second dog that we’re bringing here. It’s a pleasure to be here, everybody is so friendly and nice and it’s terrific. That’s all I’ve got to say other than, I don’t care if I’m in a wheel chair, I’m coming till the day I die.

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