It has been awhile since there has been any blog action on behalf of Woodman’s and not for the lack of trying but more the fact that it is summer and people are hitting the beach, going on vacations and spending less time on their computers reading blogs about things that affect them directly or indirectly. Ok, it is because I have been lazy and inspiration has not struck me like it has in the past.

For those of you who have been feeling the void of all things Woodman’s, I thought I would take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on what has been going on and what will be going on the rest of the summer.

When last we visited the World of Woodman’s, everyone was in high gear with Franco and Vanessa’s wedding. I can report without hesitation the wedding went off without a hitch, the bride and groom looked happy and more in love than ever, the reception was fabulous and the if there was anyone who did not have a good time, they were never going to and so sad for them.

June came and went with little or no drama, which is always a nice thing. 

July came in like a steam roller and I mean steam. It was hot! July 4th is always a big weekend at Woodman’s. People are coming and going to and from various places on vacation and they almost always stop by for some fried clams, lobster, steamers, onion rings or whatever their favorite menu item is. Apparently, lobster rolls were the go to meal on the 4th. Woodman’s sold a record 356 lobster rolls on the 4th alone. If you have ever tasted our lobster rolls, you know why. They have been featured on TV, in magazines and other press outlets. The line went out the door and down the street as is usual on a weekend or in this case long weekend. Always smiling Nicky was there dispensing oyster crackers, lemonade and her sense of humor entertaining the customers as they waited to place their order. I was always amazed that people would stand on line to eat at Woodman’s or anyplace for that matter. Maybe it is my short attention span or the fact that I am not a foodie, but I cannot wait on line for anything. I watched Nicky sweltering in the 90+ heat and listened to what the people in line were saying. They were all on line for the same reason, to get their Woodman’s fix of food. They understood the commitment when they decided to “go to Woodman’s for some fried clams.” Some were just coming off the beach and still wearing their beach clothes. Others, mostly families, made a special trip and spent the day driving around Cape Ann timing everything just right so they would end up at Woodman’s at the right time for their schedule. There were even some newbies who were experiencing Woodman’s for the first time and had no idea how things “worked around here.” They asked the other people in line and as they worked their way down the line asking questions, they were standing with people behind them waiting to order.

I came to understand much later in my life that standing on line at Woodman’s was part of Woodman’s as an entity. Like fried clams, clambakes and eating in the rough, standing on line is part of the Woodman’s experience. People accept this part of eating at Woodman’s and do so willingly. People who complain about the long line can always get out of line, but they don’t. You would think people would get tired and cranky standing in the sun and heat, but they don’t show it. The line at Woodman’s is like a chat room or a live social media site. You go into it with no followers and not following anyone and by the end of the meal you are liked and have liked people you never thought you would. That is the beautiful thing about Woodman’s, you go in a stranger but come out a friend.

Hope you are all having a great summer and remember to stop by, say hello and see you on line.

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