Do you want to have a clambake, but don’t know where to start?  Well give us a call and we will help you with the rest.   Here is a handy little checklist that will get you on your way to having the perfect clambake.

  1. Choose your date, time, and menu with any extras.
  2. Mail in your contract, deposit, and written directions or map.
  3. Check on cooking site, and water access.
  4. If party is large, consider having a form of identification for lobster, chicken, or steak.
  5. Call us a week prior to event with your totals on number of people, lobster, chicken, etc.
  6. Relax!
    We’ve been doing clambakes and catering for over 50 years – let us do the work for you.
    Be a Guest at Your Own Party!
  7. A bill will be mailed to you. A gratuity can be added to your bill if you sign for it on your slip, or you can tip your crew after the bake.
    Please remember that a gratuity is at your discretion.
  8. Please fill out our service response card and mail it with your bill.

Here a few other reminders that will make your clam bake the perfect party.

  • Is there access to a restroom?
  • Are any of your guests vegetarians?
  • We bring beverages but do you want to offer beer or wine?
  • Have you checked the weather?  We come rain or shine but we want your guests to come too!
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