If you have ever held or been to a Woodman’s clambake then you are probably familiar with how it works.  We show up in our iconic red and white trucks, loaded with everything from chowder bowls to fresh lobsters, line up the tables, and start cooking and serving as fast and efficient as we can.  We come adorned in our red polo shirts and khaki pants to serve you fresh steamers and stocked clam chowder, while you sit back with your guests and enjoy a New England tradition.

Before we arrive at your beach, backyard, or parking lot of your choice, we are busily gathering all the supplies needed to serve a clambake.  On any given summer morning, the narrow corridor adjacent to Woodman’s Restaurant is alive with the frantic activity of numerous bakers. In a flurry of corn shucking, lobster/clam preparing and truck packing, our small fraternity of employees relentlessly works towards their daily deadline.  Depending on the day this narrow corridor, which is fondly referred to as the “alleyway”, could see up to 20 clambakes packed and on their way.  You will see  a number of bakers lugging coolers and checking off items on the list; paper goods, steamer tubs, grills, propane tanks, cooking utensils, table cloths, napkins, lobster picks,wet naps, ice, cold drinks, and of course clams, lobsters, and chowder are only some of the items you will see being lifted and hauled into the trucks.

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