As Easter weekend approaches, many people are hectically trying to organize their dining plans that can accommodate all of the family.  In fact, as recent history shows, Woodman’s of Essex has worked its way into many families’ dinner plans for Easter.  This Sunday, Woodman’s will be glad to serve all the families that come to the restaurant to share their favorite food with their favorite people; nothing better than splitting a large clam plate with friends or any of the other great items that are more than big enough to share.  Actually, Easter is not the only holiday Woodman’s of Essex is more than ready to serve for.

Perhaps the biggest day of the year for Woodman’s of Essex; the 4th of July proves Woodman’s to be a staple of not only summer, tradition, but family.  As a family-run restaurant, Woodman’s strives to provide a place where families can come together and enjoy great food with great people.  The 4th of July is a time for families to come together and enjoy the festivities of the day.  While Woodman’s of Essex is always packed on the 4th of July, Woodman’s also provides its services to a classic July 4th dining experience, the backyard family BBQ.

Last summer I had the privilege to work a clambake on the 4th of July.  It was located scenically on the Marblehead neck; the perfect place to see the fireworks, and to enjoy a Woodman’s-style family BBQ.  As the restaurant back in Essex served thousands of customers, a handful of Woodman’s employees brought that great seafood tradition to the epitome of tradition, a family BBQ on the 4th of July.  We served everything from fried clams, to fresh corn on the cob, and of course fresh steamed lobsters and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  It really was an awesome event with fifty or so family and friends enjoying themselves and of course the great food, topped off at the end of the night with the great firework show one could see from the backyard.  Every family BBQ is always a great time, but this one, in my opinion, was that much better with the help of Woodman’s catering and clambakes.  No one had to give up their time to serve everyone; we happily served so that the host of the party could, too, enjoy his own party.  And, of course, nothing beats the Woodman’s clambake menus!

Easter and the 4th of July are not the only holidays that attract a large number of customers out to Woodman’s of Essex.  Memorial Day weekend is another exciting time at the restaurant.  An unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day weekend really is the restaurant and staff’s acknowledgement of the busy summer season kicking off.  The nice weather is really becoming sustainable and many people want to get out to their favorite seafood restaurant to celebrate that summer is just about right there.  Furthermore, Father’s and Mother’s Day are to other exciting days at Woodman’s of Essex, each with their own promotional events.  For Mother’s Day, the restaurant gives out red roses to every mother who comes in with their family celebrating them as the wonderful people mothers are.  On Father’s Day, every dad who orders a Sam Adams receives a classic 20 oz. Beer glass courteous of the restaurant to enjoy and keep.

Of course, Woodman’s does a number of other services and events to help any special day in your life are extra special.  The Essex Room has been a great venue for a number of events over the past years from the excitements and joys of marriage to any other function that brings family and friends together.  As Easter Sunday approaches, we hope you not only keep Woodman’s of Essex in your plans this weekend, but also in the future; Woodman’s is a place that is run by family and understands family better than anyone around.


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