The warm weather and sun have certainly returned to the northeast, burning away the memories of a cold and snowy winter.  Everyone can feel it within themselves the day the weather really starts to turn.  Soon after, everything starts falling into place, early season sunburns, reading a book outside with a cold drink as your companion, watching the Sox take that perfectly green grass, hitting the links, and, of course, Woodman’s of Essex for lunch or dinner.  Being from New England, and specifically Cape Ann, the excitement of the warm weather triggers some dormant reminder within my taste buds now is the time for savory fried clams and succulent boiled lobster.  The turn of the seasons, especially winter to spring reminds us of the beauty of life and what we have perhaps more than anything.  Now is the time family and friends come together to not only enjoy being outside once again, but being together to take advantage of it by firing up the grill, having a nice cold beer, playing catch with the kids, or simply reclining back and soaking it all in.

Away at school in the Philadelphia area, I am also experiencing the warm greeting of spring, being outside every moment I can possibly be.  In fact, my friend and I recently discussed a BBQ party plan we are planning on having.  It should be a great deal of fun; firing up some burgers and dogs, tossing a ball around, catching some sun, and just enjoying great company.  It should be a great time, but it is missing a certain thing I have grown up with, the New England clambake necessities, lobsters, steamers, and fresh corn on the cob.  Personally, however, I have been spoiled all my life and have gotten to enjoy The Woodman’s of Essex clambake ingredients that are beyond reproach.  Nothing beats the fresh lobster and clams Woodman’s of Essex provides continually event after event.

Of course, the Woodman’s clambake is always defined by the classics, lobsters, steamers, corn on the cob, and award-winning chowder.  Many people fail to realize Woodman’s clambakes offer much more, including food I would have at a BBQ.  My favorite ribs I have ever had are from Woodman’s catering; not to mention classics done great like the burger and hot dog.  If I were not all the way down in Philadelphia, there would be no doubt in my mind I would be calling up Woodman’s of Essex for a favor this weekend to help me out with having the best BBQ around!  If you are looking to get the family together for a special occasion, co-workers for a corporate outing, or great friends for a simply great time, I do not see a better match for you than Woodman’s of Essex thanks to its variety, excellence, and outstanding service.

Of course, the restaurant is always open seven days a week to provide the great tastes of summer for you and family and friends, especially now that the weather has really warmed up.  I am certain there are a number of people looking to get an early season beach day in now that this great weather has motivated you to do so.  If you’re heading up to some of your favorite spots, Good Harbor beach in Gloucester, MA, Long Beach in Rockport, MA, Crane’s Beach in Ipswich, MA or any of the other great North Shore beaches from Beverly to Rockport, why not enjoy Woodman’s of Essex for dinner.  Nothing like a long day at the beach that gets you in the mood for fried clams, boiled lobster, or the best lobster roll around.



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