Lawrence Dexter Woodman was born on July 25th 1918 and was later married on the same day to Virginia Woodman in 1938.  Throughout his life, he was a man of small words and big actions. He grew up around acts of charity; it was in his blood, just like the sea clams and soft-shells.

 Deck was always there to lend a helping hand to his seven children in time of need. However, his generous spirit did not just affect the lives of his family. When times were tough in the community, he always knew how to lighten the load.

 Dexter’s generosity is somewhat of a legacy today in our family.   We have tried to follow his lead by providing our employees with money for their school books, donating our services to various fundraisers and charities, enacting a Scholarship that has given over $550,000 in his name and helping out others in times of need.  As we are approaching the 25th Anniversary of the L. Dexter Woodman Scholarship Fund we think of him fondly and wonder what more could we do to emulate his spirit and celebrate his life?

 As a boss, Dexter was kind and fair.  He valued his employees and was always grateful for their contributions to his team.  He supported his workers in their endeavors to better themselves through education and was always excited to listen to their stories, meet their families and become a part of their lives.  He saw the good in everyone and made you see it too.

 Dexter was not afraid to take a chance on someone in fact, he loved the thrill of a good gamble.  He loved a good party too!  This year on July 25th, Dexter’s birthday and wedding Anniversary we will celebrate his life once again!

 Another Scholarship is to be enacted in his name and we are keeping it simple like his nature.   As a way to thank our workers and all that you do for us, two applicants will receive a $500 check to be applied directly to their tuition bills.  All current Woodman’s employees from both Essex and Litchfield locations, that are presently enrolled in a Higher Educational Institution and can produce an official copy of their tuition bill are eligible.  In other words, incoming freshmen and past employees need not apply. 

 For over 20 years, our family has raised the means to support the education of incoming freshman.  However, until now, we have never had a scholarship that has supported the efforts of sophomores, juniors and seniors at both an undergraduate and graduate level. Unlike other Scholarships that involve a lengthy application process we are keeping it easy and fun!  

 Bring a copy of your most recent tuition bill to the Clambake and Marketing Office by 5pm on July 11th 2011.  Once received, you will be given a number.  At the stroke of 12pm on July 25th two random numbers will be drawn and announced by a customer.   The lucky winners will redeem their checks for their respective institutions from Wendy Viator in the Clambake Office.

 As a way to remember Dexter’s life, as well as his beautiful marriage with Gini, we will continue this newfound tradition for years to come.  Like Dexter, we hope to encourage and support our employees’ educational endeavors helping them in any way we can.  We know that, for many of you, we are just a stepping-stone on your career path.  We hope that you will remember us fondly as we do Dexter and all that he has provided for us.

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