What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word Woodman’s? Some think lobster! While others obviously go for the fried clam.  Steamers, clam chowder, clamcakes and onion rings are not too far to follow. Mmm… now even I am getting hungry!

But what about the classic fish and chips?  Nothing says New England and Woodman’s of Essex like a heaping plate of fried haddock and French fries.  Out of all the menu items it is honestly one of my most favorite combinations.  Top it off with some tartar sauce, lemon wedges and cole slaw and I’m hooked (especially if you throw in the Frank’s Red Hot!)

This summer we are bringing The Woodman’s of Essex Fish Fry to YOU.  Not only can you now enjoy Chubby’s famous fried clams in your own home and office, you can also savor our classic fish and chips dish without having to wait in line at Woodman’s!  We are so exited to be adding this new menu to our catering service, as we are the first and the only clambake catering company in the Cape Ann area to be doing it!

The menu begins with our famous, award-winning clam chowder. Later we will serve you a plate of crispy fried haddock and French fries that you will never forget.  All you need is the home-made tartar sauce and cole slaw and you have got yourself a Woodman’s Fish Fry!

Impress your guests this year with the Woodman’s Fish Fry.  All you have to do is show up, eat and enjoy as all the work and cleanup is done for you!  What could be better than that?  Oh wait, I know.  Frank’s Red Hot, I put that $#@% on everything!

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