As school is personally coming to its yearly end, I find myself, once again, excited and hopeful for the comforts of warm, relaxing summer months ahead.  As the seasons noticeably change around us here in New England, many families and people will begin to look forward to their summer plans in attempts to find relaxation and happiness during the kind months of a New England summer.  Why not look to kick your summer off sooner rather than later with the coming holidays in the coming weekends.  This weekend we have the day to celebrate one of the most important people in our lives.  A great place to celebrate Mother’s Day is at Woodman’s of Essex.  As a family-run restaurant, a handful of proud and strong mothers keep the restaurant running as strong as they do.  Here at Woodman’s we cherish and are very proud of the mothers amidst the Woodman’s family and, naturally, hope our restaurant is at the top of your list as a vehicle to promote the importance and irrevocable love and thanks you have your mothers.  Nothing illustrates more your undying gratitude and love for your mother than buying her fried clams, fried shrimp, the most delicate fried haddock and fish around, or even really treat her with succulent New England Maine lobster.

Slightly down the road, people are figuring out barbeque plans for the unofficial kickoff of summer, Memorial Day.  Personally, biased or not, a better possible way to greet summer then with Woodman’s cannot possibly exist.  Certainly, the restaurant in Essex will be open and ready for the masses of people we hope will come out to enjoy Memorial Day with us. If you are more accustomed to the Essex restaurant then being excited to enjoy everyone’s favorite clams, chowder, and lobster at the newly renovated Top Deck.  The Top Deck will still feature the raw bar, a great view of the Essex River, and an awesome bar selection, but now will boast a more comfortable and enjoyable look people here are really excited for.  Of course, if you are a traditionalist and prefer to have your Memorial Day celebrations at home in the backyard with family and friends, Woodman’s certainly can still work its plans into the equation.  Woodman’s clambakes and catering have been known to put on excellent Memorial Day bashes.  If you are craving the taste of seafood-lobster, chowder, or anything from the expansive Woodman’s catering menu, then Woodman’s would be more than happy to put together a great party menu for your family and friends to ring in the summer season with you.  If you are hard pressed for a classic BBQ with the family, why not Woodman’s? (also check out our BBQ catering if you’re in the North Shore)  Burgers, hot dogs, and some of the best ribs around are all members of a great catering menu.  Check out the website for additional menu information as well as contact information.  Enjoy the remaining weeks of spring and to all the mothers out there that undyingly follow my blog posts, Happy Mother’s Day.


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