As we gratefully move forward from last week’s disaster and consequent mayhem, may we never forget those who rose to help, how we all came together, and those who we have lost.  At the same time, now is the best time for our community to begin to look ahead and continue to strive for happiness and enjoyment.  Here at Woodman’s, we have a number of things marked on the calendar we are extremely excited for and I am sure many of you are as well.

A holiday shortly coming up Woodman’s is excited for once again is Mother’s Day.  On the day we celebrate our beloved mothers, Woodman’s has always been so proud to be a favorite spot to dine for families and mothers on a special day.  It has been tradition to pass out a red rose with every order for all the mothers that come through, and on this Mother’s Day it will be no different.   It truly is an honor for the restaurant that so many mothers in the area choose Woodman’s of Essex as their restaurant choice on the day where what mother says goes.

Furthermore, people here at Woodman’s are very excited for the reopening of the Woodman’s Top Deck.  Opened in 1982, It has served as a local watering hole, a great place to enjoy Woodman’s great food with a great view of the salt marshes plus a wonderful breeze, an awesome venue for some local music performances including Jeff Frazier, a great place to host a private party that comes with a private party, and, of course, one of the only places on Cape Ann to dine on Raw Bar.  With the Top Deck again, Woodman’s hopes the upstairs dining and bar returns with new vigor all while maintaining a similar ambiance.  The Top Deck will still feature an awesome view of what Essex has to offer plus that savory breeze everyone is in dire search for when they choose to sit up on the Top Deck.  More so, the top deck will be a great place to escape the sometimes hectic downstairs restaurant for a drink or two.  Remember, the top deck has an awesome frozen drink maker that can whip up some of the most refreshing drinks around!  Plus, the Top Deck still will serve up tasty local raw clams as well as oysters and shrimp cocktail.  After a long day at one of Cape Ann’s great beaches, the Woodman’s top deck is one of the only places in the area to enjoy excellent and fresh raw bar.  Woodman’s is truly excited for everyone to come out and enjoy its reopening as well as making it a very fun and awesome dining venue this summer.

Also around this time of the year, families look forward to their children graduating high school and college.  This time of the year is always a time of celebration for excited and achieved students as well as proud parents.  This is especially relevant in our area of the country with such a number of colleges and universities in the area as well as some of the nation’s best and brightest high school students.  Here at Woodman’s, the catering and clambake department has always been privileged to be a crucial part in more than a handful of graduation events every year ranging from smaller private parties to events hosted by the schools themselves (want a clambake catered to you in Boston?)  Be sure to check out the awesome menus as you look forward to celebrating the wonderful achievements of the students in your lives.  Nothing screams a job well done then chowing down on some local lobsters, clams, and the handful of other choices you have with Woodman’s catering.

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