Of course, children are not the only ones susceptible to the allure Woodman’s has to offer.  Really, how could you go wrong?  Usually when I visit Woodman’s of Essex for dinner with my family, I am always overwhelmed by how so many choices I have!  More often than not I go with what has made Woodman’s famous, the classic fried clam plate with fries, onion rings, and cole slaw, maybe even a cup of clam chowder if I am really hungry!  Then, my father usually orders the fried scallops, my mother the fried haddock, my brother the fried shrimp, and my sister the fried lobster.  Ultimately at the end of dinner, we are all picking from each other’s plates and end up getting a taste of everything.  This Memorial Day weekend, all of these choices and more, steamed lobster, steamers, fresh corn on the cob, and the rest of the great menu items available.

Many people do not even know Woodman’s has had a top deck, but now that it has been renovated, everybody must know about it!  The Top deck captures the vibe and ambiance of Woodman’s, yet presents the experience in a new look atmosphere.  The Top deck is a perfect place to escape the bustling main restaurant and enjoy their Woodman’s food in a dining room with a great view of the Essex River as well as a refreshing breeze that is unexplainably enjoyable in the hot summer months.  Furthermore, the Top Deck includes raw bar items such as oysters and local little neck clams, as well as shrimp cocktail all shucked to order.  Also, the Top Deck has its own bar where you can choose from ice cold local beer on tap to great frozen drinks like mudslides or frozen margaritas.  This weekend the new look Top Deck will be open finally, and from what I have heard, there should be a pretty great bartender, not to mention good-looking, working Saturday and Sunday night as well as Memorial Day itself.  If I were anyone in the area looking for great New England seafood I would come down to Woodman’s this weekend and bring up my awesome food to experience the new Top Deck.

Memorial Day Weekend also kicks off the other great aspect of the Woodman’s business.  As many know, Woodman’s is not exclusively confined to the restaurant, Woodman’s clambakes and catering is one of the best in New England.  Following Memorial Day, the Woodman’s clambakers will be busy catering and serving events and parties throughout Massachusetts and even New England.  From corporate events to private parties, Woodman’s catering and clambakes is available to anyone who contacts Woodman’s.  With a great network of workers, Woodman’s catering truly is adaptive and flexible to your desired party date.  Furthermore, how Woodman’s conducts their clambakes, how you want your party served and what is being served truly is up to you when you choose Woodman’s catering and clambakes for your event.  Best of all, you get to be a guest at your own party when you choose Woodman’s to cater your next party and event as our staff will do everything from cooking and serving to setting up and cleaning up.  Make sure you check out the website or call 978-768-2559 if you have any interest in a Woodman’s clambake or catering service.

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