The past weekend here at Woodman’s will certainly prove to be a memorable one.  From an awesome Mother’s Day weekend at Woodman’s to a great event in the Deck’s Day for Dubbers Charity Golf Tournament, everyone here at Woodman’s had their share of excitement and memories.  Firstly, Mother’s Day was an historic date for Woodman’s as it was the reopening of the newly rennovated Top Deck.  Staying true to its original outline, the Top Deck now features a more stylish look to compliment the familiar and traditional vibe that forever will ove within the spirit of the Top Deck.  In fact, some of the new Top Deck’s first customers called the look, “the classiest take on picnic benches they had ever seen”.  As ratherishly humorous as the quote may suggest, the idea truly encapisulates what we had hoped for in the new Top Deck, more stylish and aesthetically appealing while mantaining the allure of “eating in the rough”.  Aside from the opening of the new Top Deck, Mother’s Day at Woodman’s was hugely popular with a constant line flanking main street for those excited to dine upon lobster, fried clams, fried fish, and other great seafood.  Furthermore, the Top Deck featured local musician and Woodman’s favorite, Jeff Fraser, who played some of his classics to a bustling, happy, and dancing top deck in the afternoon.  Of course, a special day at Woodman’s would not exist without the precense of a bit of a celebrity: Barry Weiss of A&E’s Storage Wars stopped by the famous clamshack to enjoy the best seafood in America; as a man who makes a living buying and selling antiques and other items, Mr. Weiss knows a thing or two about good taste!  Check out this photo featuring Barry with Woodman’s employee and Storage Wars fan Trisha.

On Monday following Mother’s Day, Bass Rocks Golf Club hosted a Woodman’s family tradition, the 25th annual Deck’s Day for Dubbers Charity Golf Touranment.  For the past 25 years, the golfm tournament provides to the L. Dexter Woodman Scholarship that benefits students from the Manchester-Essex communities.  Entering the tournament is open to anyone who donates the prerequsite amount.  Participants included Woodman’s owners Stevie and Doug Woodman, as well as Baseball Hall of Famer and Boston Red Sox great Jim Rice.  The event had a special and interesting twist this year, however.  In addition to the golf tournament, the golfers and participants enjoy a clambake style dinner prepared by the great Woodman’s clambake and catering crew, of course.  This aspect of the day, excitedly, was chronicled and will be featured on ABC’s The Chew, ABC’s show that highlights and features great culinary businesses and events across the country.  Our very own Vanessa Woodman provided her affable smile to a camera crew as they captured the Woodman’s clambake on one of its most important dates.  The camera crew captured everything from the steaming of lobsters and clams, to the frying of the best clams around, to the methodical and precise ways a Woodman’s clambake goes about serving.  The excitement of the lights and cameras aside, everything was a huge hit as the tournament’s participants dined and enjoyed fried clams, steam lobsters and clams, cole slaw, hot dogs, corn, and the great ambiance that comes with helping out a great cause, our children’s future.

Moreover, on Tuesday, Woodman’s own Maureen Woodman was featured on NECN to discuss her forte as wedding planner.  With her experience in working with brides using the Essex Room, as well as her current daunting task of planning her daughter Vanessa’s wedding, Maureen provided some interesting takes on “old school” and “new school” wedding ideas.  As noted in the video of Maureen, the Essex Room is an ideal location for an intimate wedding ceremony or function as it boasts a splendid view of the Essex River as well as the tastes and flavors of the unparalleled Woodman’s catering staff.  Summer has not even officially started yet, but Woodman’s already has had some very exciting weeks and memories.  Make sure you come on down to treat yourself to some fried clams and lobster to make sure you do not miss out on all the fun!


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