Spring Catering Ideas

With spring arriving, it’s time to consider how caterers will shift from serving warm, comfort foods that are staples in colder weather to lighter fare that gives everyone a taste of this truly joyous season. Spring is the start of wedding and events season, and here are some unique, flavorful, and exciting ideas for catering in spring.

Serve Heavy Hors D’Oeuvres

Heavy hors d’oeuvres, much like tapas, involve the serving of small portions of delicious foods so people can sample everything they like, versus being committed to a plate of larger portions but fewer food options. Great ideas for spring hors d’oeuvres include classic cucumber sandwiches, shrimp cocktail (which never goes out of style), crispy asparagus and other spring vegetables with delectable dipping sauces, bruschetta, chicken or beef sliders, and more.

Consider Station Catering

Station catering is a newer style of catering that has taken on a great deal of popularity. Event guests can visit different types of stations, such as a grill station, a Mediterranean station, a Mexican station, a gluten-free station, and more to fill their plates with all kinds of different foods. Station catering typically serves smaller portions than a sit-down meal and allows guests to sample a wide variety of different types of foods. Consider station catering like a cross between a buffet, where guests get their own foods, and heavy hors d’oeuvres, which are passed out to guests by catering staff.

Get Creative with How Your Food Is Displayed

Nothing can bring the season into your event more than how you display your food, no matter what type of catering option you choose. Go for a spring picnic theme and dress your tables in red and white gingham, or nestle shrimp cocktail shooters in a bed of tall grass. Incorporate fresh flowers and large fruit and vegetable trays to keep the look of your catering display light and distinct.

Serve Refreshing Spring Cocktails

Whether you choose to serve alcoholic beverages at your event or not, offer a few signature cocktails that are definitively “spring.” If going alcohol free, have a traditional beverage service with tea, water, and lemonade, and then offer one or two specialty virgin cocktails. If you are offering your guests alcohol, you may want to have a traditional beer and wine service, with the exception of specialty alcoholic cocktails. Fun summer cocktails include raspberry mojitos, refreshing sangria, mint juleps, peach bellinis, or grapefruit martinis. Ask your bartender to let you know what kind of unique specialty cocktails they can come up with that can help make your event truly special.

At Woodman’s, we offer         a wide variety of catering options for Spring events, including down-home clambake options with all the fixin’s and delectable, upscale foods for stylish weddings and events. Contact us today to learn more about our catering menus by calling (978) 768-2559.

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