At Woodman’s, our customers are everything to us. And in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Fried Clam in 2016, we interviewed a few of our customers to learn about their memories of coming to Woodman’s. In this video, we spoke with Ed Perkins of Essex.

Ed Perkins, Essex, Mass. Been here all my life. I grew up knowing the Woodman family forever. I’ve been coming here since I was a little kid. I knew Chubby well. We used to go chase him when he was fishing, because he was an unbelievable fisherman. He loved to smelt fish, he loved to mackerel fish. We could sit right beside him, and just catch a very few fish, and he’d fill buckets full of them. I don’t know what his knack was, but he knew how to do it.

The whole Woodman family are just really great people. Their food here is excellent. Their clam chowder, it’s probably the best chowder in the world. They’ve gotten all kinds of recognition for it. They won the Essex chamber week thing so many times that they told them not to enter anymore, because they knew that they were going to win. They’re just really good people. They help everybody. If somebody needs anything, I don’t care what it is, they’re right there. Just really nice people. I’ve known them all my life, and I’m proud that I know them.

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