Make your own fried clams

Katlyn Graham:  Hello, I’m Katlyn Graham, here with Steve Woodman, the Co‑CEO and Owner at Woodman’s. Welcome, Steve!

Steve Woodman:  Thank you, Katlyn.

Katlyn:  Thanks for being here. One of the premier items at Woodman’s is this clam kit. I’ve heard all about it. What is the clam kit, Steve?

Steve:  The clam kit is a fried clam package that we put together, that we can ship to you overnight anywhere in the US, in the 48 states. Like I said, it’s the fried clams, it’s everything that you need to have your fried clams. There are instructions in there of how to cook them and what to do with everything that we give you.

Katlyn:  When this clam kit arrives at my house, you have already taken the clams out of their shell?

Steve:  That’s right. We have packages of clams for you, already shucked out. We have evaporated milk, the corn flour, and the instructions of what you need in order to cook the clams. It tells you what type of pot that you need to get, how much cooking oil you need to put in that pot, what temperature to put it at.

It explains it step‑by‑step, the process that you need to have your fried clams, so you can have Woodman’s fried clams in California and Minnesota, or wherever you are.

Katlyn:  Have you sent clams to California before?

Steve:  Oh, yes. We have.

Katlyn:  Wow, so the clams come, and you batter them with the corn batter, and then you’re actually going to fry them at your house?

Steve:  That’s right. That’s what happens, is we have the corn flour, the evaporated milk, and you’ve just got to put the clams in the evaporated milk, and you shake them off a little bit, and throw them in the corn flour. You bread them, and you dredge them up, and you cover them completely. You pick them up, drop them very carefully into the hot oil at 350 degrees, and then it tells you how long to cook them.

Take them out, and you can have fresh fried clams.

Katlyn:  That sounds good. When I take them out of the pot, I can just eat them right away? I don’t have to take them out. They’re already out of the shell?.

Steve:  That’s right, they’re already out of the shell. They would be hot, so you would maybe want to put them on a little paper towel for a little while, and let it set for a little bit, because we don’t want you to burn your mouth. They’re all ready to go. We have tartar sauce for you or if you want ketchup, or whatever else that you like on them.

You just kind of dip them in it, and chow them down.

Katlyn:  You could have clams far away from Essex, Massachusetts.

Steve:  That’s right.

Katlyn:  How many clams come in a kit, I should say. Is it for two people?

Steve:  For two people, there’s usually a pint of clams in there for two people, but if you want to have for 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 people, we just increase the size of the box, put more stuff in there. You can have yourself a New England fried clam party in the middle of winter someplace not in New England.

Katlyn:  Nice! So you just ship it right overnight and out it goes?

Steve:  That’s right.

Katlyn:  Wow! Well, thank you so much, Steve, for explaining that. I definitely would like to order one, try it out myself. Although I have a feeling that it’s easier to just go to Woodman’s and get the fried clams.

Steve:  If you’re local, yes.


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