Our Awards

“An American Cult Classic—right up there with baseball and apple pie.” — Zagat Restaurant Guide Awards “Best Seafood in America”—Forbes FYI Magazine “Best Local Food in MA” —Yankee Magazine “Best Steamers 2006” —Boston Magazine’s N.E. Travel & Life “Local Secrets-Big Finds” —Travelocity “World’s Best Fantastic Fast Food” —Travel Channel “Best Fried Clams, Clam Chowder, Onion […]

Know your Clams

When running a business it is important to know a lot about what you have ventured into. In our case our wealth of knowledge is in clams, lobsters, and clambakes. Here are some bits of information about the bits you find in our clam chowder. · Steamers are soft-shelled clams, and are also known as […]

First comes lobster then comes clambakes

Before fried clams, battered onion rings, and clambake catering  there were lobsters, stuffed and baked.  There have been a lot of changes to Woodman’s throughout the course of 95 years, here is an excerpt from the book written about our family that explains a little about the way things used to be. THE DOCK AND […]

Clambakes: From the “Alleyway” to you

If you have ever held or been to a Woodman’s clambake then you are probably familiar with how it works.  We show up in our iconic red and white trucks, loaded with everything from chowder bowls to fresh lobsters, line up the tables, and start cooking and serving as fast and efficient as we can.  […]

How to cook a boiled lobster: A staple in every clambake

Did you ever find yourself wondering how to cook one of those delicious lobsters you had at a Woodman’s clambake? Leave the fried clams and battered onion rings to us and cook your very own boiled lobster at home! Boiled Lobster- one of life’s simplest pleasures! And cooking it is easier than you might think… […]

Clambake Checklist

Do you want to have a clambake, but don’t know where to start?  Well give us a call and we will help you with the rest.   Here is a handy little checklist that will get you on your way to having the perfect clambake. Choose your date, time, and menu with any extras. Mail in […]

Clambakes and Clamsteams

Here is an excerpt from an article written by a friend of our family.  Here the author describes how Chubby innovated the traditional clambake. In approximately 1923, Chubby Woodman, the then patriarch of the Woodman clan and the inventor of the fried clam, conducted his first clambake. An entrepreneur in the truest sense, he realized […]

Woodman’s in the Rough – A Family Tradition

We thought it would a good idea to post chapters from the book written about our family’s restaurant to let you know how our past become our present and future.  Here is a excerpt about how Gramp (Chubby) started serving clambakes. Gramp was always coming up with ways of changing or improving the business.  The […]

Elvis and Clambakes

Everyone is familiar with Elvis Presley, most of you are familiar with clambakes, but we bet that only some of you are familiar with “The King’s” Clambake song.  Here are the lyrics from a legendary man about the historic event. Check this out! A retro look to the clambake and Elvis Performing! Clambake, by Elvis […]

A Clambake in Marietta, Ohio

Going to Ohio to Cook New England Clambake April 4, 1938 Gloucester Daily Time Here is an article we found in our family archives about how Chubby and only three other people brought a clambake for 5,000 to Marietta, Ohio.  Unfortunately the article is cut short but there’s enough here to share! ESSEX– When descendants […]